a place for my thoughts and ideasĀ on shit that i care about. i never knew how to have much of a voice irl, so i think it’s really cool u cared enough to read this, and i hope it wasn’t a complete waste of ur time. feel free to let me know what u think about anything i say.

some info on me:

  • my name’s anthony.
  • i’m 18.
  • i’m from long beach.
  • i’m half-white, half-mexican.
  • i go to berkeley.
  • i work in a museum.
  • i’m quiet
  • i love music, but i just recently started collecting vinyls.
  • i don’t know what i wanna do with my life, but this felt like a start.
  • i’m probably the biggest critic of pineapple on pizza ever.

also, heres a picture of me.


love u.