last night i hopped on twitter to find out that frank ocean was about to drop a new track called “biking” featuring tyler, the creator and jay-z in the third episode of his blonded radio show. as someone whose individuality was shaped by the whole odd future era and the refreshing angle that they brought to the hip-hop scene, i damn near wet myself when i saw that frank and tyler were about to drop a new collab. and of course, while i’m not the biggest fan of rappers who were poppin in the 90’s (i was born in ’98), jay’s always a nice recruit for a feature.

i listened to the whole show until he finally premiered it at about midnight. not gonna lie, by that point i was pretty tired and preoccupied and didn’t pay too much attention first listen. after some more listens though, i pretty much formed the opinion that i knew i would: the song is good as fuck. now while i think jay’s feature is a little out of place, it definitely isn’t as bad as some of the verses he’s given out over the past few years, and i think the way his verse was left untouched and raw in the mix was a cool way to kick the track off. frank’s empowering vocals immediately bounce off that with a surprising young thug-type flow that fits really well over the guitar-driven instrumental. i think frank killed it as always. tyler follows with a pretty decent verse that reminds me of how cold-blooded he sounds on his recent collab with a$ap mob called “telephone calls.” if tyler’s next album sounds like what he’s bringing with his recent features, i have a good feeling that’ll be some of his best work. at the end of the track, frank straight up channels young thug by slurring his last couple bars beyond comprehension. as a fan of what young thug does with his vocal inflections, i really enjoyed this.

clearly the song has a deeper subject matter than just bikes. i like the theory that’s going around about how the track title is wordplay for the phrase “bi-king” and that frank is proclaiming himself as the bisexual icon that we all know he is. given frank’s songwriting and wordplay abilities and what he talks about in his other new single “chanel” (which is quite the bisexual anthem), this wouldn’t surprise me one bit. people have been speculating that he’ll continue to drop new tracks on his upcoming radio broadcasts and that he may even drop another album this year. all we can do is hope.

listen here:

also watch what could possibly be a preview of the track’s music video at